Ignite your desire. Feel more confident in your sexual self.

Embark on a juicy self-love affair . . . And have way better sex.

Ignite your desire. Feel more confident in your sexual self. Embark on a juicy self-love affair . . . And have way better sex.

Ever wonder is this really as good as it gets?


Woman I see you.

You can't help but wonder if there is something you are missing out on.

Could it actually be better than it is right now?

Passionate and hot? Turned on and alive in your body? Confident like you know what you want and how to get it? 

You question if there might be something wrong with you, your partner or your relationship. Like 'what am I missing here?'

And it all just kind of feels like too much.

Too much effort to find the time and energy.

Too confused and frustrated to know where to start.

Too busy to really give much of damn.


I want you to know creating the sex life of your dreams is totally possible and MUCH simpler than you think.


And I will walk you through every step of the way.


Introducing Better Sex in 90 Days


The expertly designed program where you will be in a safe container to:

  • Transform your entire sexual experience.
  • Learn how to be in control of your desire, elevate your experience of sensual pleasure and unleash your wild, feminine, sexual self.
  • Communicate confidently in your intimate relationship and feel more passionately connected.


You are wired in brain and body for juicy pleasure, now let me show you exactly how to experience it.


Doors Closing In . . .









Before the Better Sex Program, I felt like I had a problem. I felt something was broken because I didn't feel much whilst having sex. I stayed in my head thinking about something else and felt tons of shame for not being "hot or turned on enough."

In the group, I loved having a safe space to share and see that I am not alone in feeling this. Others experiences and celebration helped me have so many more “'ah has."

I stopped shaming myself for not wanting sex often or not feeling a lot. I feel more present with myself and more compassionate. I now know I can turn myself on on demand, which is so fun, I feel a more deep connection with my partner during sex. I slow down and take more time for it. I feel more sexual and turned on on a daily basis and let go of any obligation... which funny enough lead me to wanting more of it just naturally.

You teach that we can have an amazing sex life whenever. And now the main takeaway is that I can be turned on whenever I want. I have the tools to do it, and it’s not hard at all. It keeps getting better! This is amazing. And it’s my new me.

-Fanny, Better Sex Graduate

 Listen to her story HERE.


Yes, it's true, you CAN actually WANT sex


AND it can be so much better.


Your body was built to deliver ecstatic pleasure.


Your brain is capable of creating desire.


And in the Better Sex in 90 Days program you will learn the exact process and skills to make it happen.


What I hear from women just like you is...


  • Its easier & more appealing to focus on other things - sex feels like too much effort and less interesting than other pursuits
  • Sex is good ‘enough’, meh or down right bad
  • "The couch or bed please!" They’re simply too tired, too stressed and run down from doing ALL the things to attempt juicy passion
  • Sex feels like a to-do rather than something they look forward to. It feels like something they are doing more for their partner's needs, not their own.
  • They don’t FEEL sexy in their bodies - “Um can we keep the lights off please?" "I am absolutely NOT positioning my body that way!" "Ugh I am so awkward!"
  • Their partner just isn’t really doing it for them for a variety of reasons Not feeling super attracted to them.  Feel under appreciated or not emotionally connected. Their partner has no idea how to turn them on and please them
  • Conservative upbringing has them feeling awkward and shameful about sex / self-pleasure - "Intellectually yes, I know this isn’t wrong - but it still feels that way."
  • They're ready to have their mind-blown in the bedroom, they know its possible, but don't know how and want a process
  • Their partner feels more like a roommate than a lover - they miss that passion and flirty-ness they once had

And during sex they experience...


  • Being in their head instead of connected to the experience - “So did I send that email? What should I make for dinner tomorrow?" "Why is he making that face? Wait! Does my face look like that?!"
  • Nervous to say what you want or don't want - also “what do I even ask for?"
  • Arousal and orgasm takes forever, if it even happens
  • Sex is uncomfortable or downright painful
  • Being stuck in a “sex routine” - everything feels predictable and they want it to be more fun and exciting

If you relate to even one or many of the things listed above, you are so not alone and I completely understand.


I have been where you are — the body shame, the mixed messages, the disconnect, reconciling past traumas, health issues and simply not wanting it. I have learned how to have mind-blowing sex and how to infiltrate pleasure and fun and deep compassion into my everyday existence . . . and have helped hundreds of women just like you achieve the same.

I deeply understand the process it takes to become the woman who is turned on, who follows through and who creates orgasmic results for herself. I get YOU.

I kind of thought you were full of shit. I heard you saying that this could be a thing. Like the more pleasure in your life and the better sex got then it would change everything.

And now I see it's true -- my entire self-concept has changed. What felt impossible not that long ago feels so doable. I have created so much beyond my pleasure. 

-Better Sex Graduate

This work has changed everything! Learning how to speak to myself and to prioritize myself has changed everything in my life from my marriage to my sex life to my career. My experience as a human has improved & so have all of the results in my life.

-Whitney, Better Sex Graduate

 Listen to her story HERE.

Danielle said it but I didn't get it until now... pleasure is really for me.

And in feeling this and valuing it, our intimate relationship is soooo much better.

10 years of sex and it just gets better and better.

-Elizabeth, Better Sex Graduate

 Listen to her story HERE.

"I create desire - I'm in charge of it!"


I was always stuck in my head. Feeling like I was doing it wrong. Blaming my husband. Frustrated that I didn't have the "desire" I once had. I wanted to to want sex. I didn't want it to feel like a chore anymore.

Now?? I create desire - I'm in charge of it! Not judging the distracting thoughts that pop up when being intimate - seeing the thought and releasing it. Getting out of my head more. Choosing things for me. Following my own pleasure. Taking ownership over my body and desire - I see myself simply thinking about pleasure (not just sexual, but generally) and smiling more. Making choices that are fun and relaxing, just because.

This isn't just about sex. It's about never looking to someone else to create desire and pleasure in your life. It is about stepping into a more powerful version of yourself who is unashamed of what she wants.

It was a true pleasure learning from Danielle and watching her coach. I realized quickly how deeply ingrained some of my misaligned thoughts were - so much so, that I couldn't even see the judgement in them. This was a freeing process!

-Rebecca, Better Sex Graduate

 Listen to her story HERE.

Pleasure Is Vital To Your Well-Being 


Studies have shown how pleasure centers in the brain when activated help promote better immunity, resilience, cognitive focus & creativity, vitality to the organs and better blood flow (just to name a few).

But beyond that, pleasure is the path to liberation for women. It is an unlearning of the lessons we've been taught that our worth is measured in the constant "doing" and self-sacrificing. 

Becoming pleasured and connecting with your sexuality creates a deep self-trust, emotional responsibility and nourishing self-compassion. 

A pleasured woman is a woman who has energy available to HER to spend how she wants. 

     To connect deeply and passionately with her partner.

    To be present for her family.

    To make waves in the world and boldly stand for what she believes. 

We don't think we have time for pleasure, but it is only because we've been socialized that it's a luxury and not vital to our overall well-being.

It's time to rewrite this story for ourselves and generations of women to come.


The reason your sex life feels anything less than juicy isn't because you're broken or because you've been doing it wrong.


You've simply been socialized in a culture where female pleasure was never taught nor celebrated, let alone prioritized.


Instead we were taught about sex through the male lens of pleasure.

Our sexual stories are seeped in shame.

The should's and should nots.

We have been told what "sexy" and desirable is.

Influenced to see that pleasing our partner is of the utmost importance.

We are taught to BE desirable. 

Encouraged to reject & criticize our bodies.

Our validation has come through achieving and doing rather than receiving and being.

The result?

Well it certainly isn't mind-blowing orgasms.

Instead we are in our heads more than our bodies - disconnected and frustrated.

Exhausted from doing all the things and still not feeling like we're doing enough. 


Day to day you might not notice the impact, but it is there. The compound effect of operating on fumes and denying yourself nourishing pleasure wears on your relationships, your mental well-being and your physiology.

It creates reactivity and regret. It has us years later wondering what happened to that fun-loving woman? That marriage that use to be so deep and playful? That woman who had big dreams about chasing the world?

That woman is still there.

And when you rewire what you have been taught and become skillful at accessing pleasure in your body, this woman will show up more and more.


You were never taught that this part of you matters, but the truth is it DOES.

Now is the time to do something about it.


Ready to prioritize your pleasure and decide that this part of you matters?!



What You Get When You Join Better Sex in 90 Days


LIVE Weekly Group Coaching

Group coaching once weekly through the 90 days. You can ask questions, get personalized & masterful coaching, and experience the power of women sharing and being coached collectively - the ultimate catapult to expedite your pleasure.

Individualized Sex-essments / Ask A Coach

A unique and effective system to look at all the factors getting in the way of you having the BEST sex of your life + anonymous forms to fill out to get personalized and direct feedback on HOW you can improve on the sex you are (or aren’t) having.

The Better Sex Course

Lifetime access to the most comprehensive ON DEMAND learning site you can imagine, with EVERYTHING you need to develop the skills for better sex, passionate partnership, and becoming a truly turned on and orgasmic woman. After the 90 days you still have access to the course materials to revise and take your learning even further.

Guided Practices & Meditations

A library of guided practices and meditations to help you get out of your head and into body, amplify your your orgasmic capacity and develop a confident sexual self-concept.

Private Podcast

ALL the instructional videos, guided meditations, and practices conveniently accessible on your mobile device via the Better Sex in 90 Days Private Podcast - so that you can listen at your leisure - anytime, anywhere.

Safe & Supportive Community

A safe place to share your celebrations, challenges, and break-throughs. You will  feel compassionately connected and supported with other women on the journey.  Also a place to ask questions and get MORE coaching.


The impact of doing this work in community is hard to put into words, other than truly TRANSFORMING.


You will be seen, you won’t feel alone, you will share in a safe and supportive space.


"Sharing this journey with a community of women was so helpful."


When I joined I was wanting to have more "desire" for sex. I knew it was so much of my thoughts and strict belief system that got in my way.

Sharing this journey with a community of women was so helpful. Even though I had to watch some of the calls as recordings, I felt normal. I felt heard. It was amazing how each of the women's experiences spoke to me and helped me on my journey.

The connection I had with the other women was huge. People would be vulnerable on the calls and I would think, "I’m so glad they’re sharing that, because it’s touching me so much, just in the way that I need."

This program helped me think about pleasure very differently. I started looking at my body differently in the mirror. I really felt my body for the first time.

-Dana, Better Sex Graduate

 Listen to her story HERE.

"Can't imagine it any other way."


Sharing this journey with a community of women was real F-ing scary. My voice would shake and my heart would race anytime I got coached. AND I’m convinced that’s what made my transformation even more powerful & possible.

The group aspect required me to be seen in my fear & vulnerability. It showed me how brave I am & took me to a new level of fierce self-acceptance and compassion.

I thought I wouldn’t want this to be in a group, but now I can’t imagine it any other way. Everyone was so supportive and encouraging, it really added something special to the journey.

What I especially loved about the group setting was how it helped me to feel so not alone. I had no idea that other women struggled like I did. I thought I was the only one that was feeling this way, when in reality we all had very similar thoughts and feelings (even though circumstances were different).

-Morgan, Better Sex Graduate

 Listen to her story HERE.

Ready to be part of a community of women where you feel safe, supported, and celebrated?



The Better Sex Program Overview

(Also available for you to enjoy on demand via private podcast.)

Module 0: Getting Started

Understand what to expect and how to get the most out of this program, plus learn foundational skills that will support you throughout this program and beyond.

Module 1: Sexual Essentials - Creating A Sex Positive Brain

This module is all about creating a sex positive brain, rewiring and programing your brain for more pleasure. You will learn how to manage your mind, your calendar, and your tone.

Module 2: Becoming A Turned On Woman

Part of becoming a turned on woman is creating a delicious sexual self-concept - those things you believe about yourself - and releasing what is keeping you from BEING that woman.

Module 3: Wired For Pleasure - Waking Up The Body

To experience more pleasure you must get out of your head & into your body. This module is all about helping you do that. Practices, instructions & guided meditations to help you become more embodied.

Module 4: Pleasurable & Passionate Partnership 

Pleasurable & Passionate Partnership is all about you and your sweetie. Creating more connection, learning how to communicate more effectively, and fun practices to do together!

Module 5: The Orgasmic Experience

Here you will learn all about orgasms and becoming sexually alive. Learn what orgasms are, how to have them, and how to expand your orgasmic capacity and harness the delicious energy in your body.

ALL the Support & Coaching You Need:

Evaluating the sex you are (or aren't) having is essential in creating more pleasure. Learn how to become more aware of your turn-ons and turn-offs, and how to approach things differently.  Get coaching from Danielle LIVE on the weekly calls and on demand as often as you need via the private Facebook group and Ask A Sex Coach forms.  Note that you can submit anonymously.

But here is what it REALLY looks like . . .

Some before and afters:


  • Before: not feeling attracted to her husband, feeling uncomfortable when he saw her naked, not ever wanting it let alone enjoying it, no orgasms in over 4 years!

  • After: Orgasms, yay! Having sex with no pressure, having fun with husband, becoming aroused, feeling more deeply connected and loving towards husband.

    “It’s my favorite gift I have given myself. EVER."


  • Before: Sex felt more like a should. Not giving self permission. Not loving and feeling insecure in body.

  • After: More profound and deep connection with husband than ever before. Sexually alive and empowered. Less anxious. More kind and present with family. More love and enjoyment of body.

    “I think about sex in a more fun way. I am amazed at what my body can do. I’ve NEVER had so much desire and love for myself EVER!! I want every single woman to believe that she is worth the time, money and effort!"


  • Before: Frustrated and not enjoying sex. Not eager at all and resisting sex all together.

  • After: Feels a sexual energy “buzz” through out the day. Showing up 5x stronger in her business. True belonging with sexuality. Sex is fun and pleasurable. Finding more presence and pleasure in all of life - kids, cooking, working, all of it!

    "Understanding your sexuality and trusting your sexuality is the best gift you can give yourself. Being with other woman doing the same thing will be monumental. Taking the leap to say yes alone will be transformational. Do it. There's no way you could possibly regret it!"


  • Before: Frustrated with lack of sex and pleasure in life. Felt like other areas were great and this was the one lacking

  • After: Way more and better sex. More present in every aspect of life. Released shame. More fulfilled woman in every way. Learning to see husband with so much more love.

    “This experience was incredible. The group setting was SO empowering. I learned tools for how to leave the stresses of business behind and make pleasure a priority. It was the BEST money I have spent."


  • Before: Great sex with partner but feeling not in control of her OWN pleasure

  • After: Prioritizing pleasure and making it her OWN, knowing how to turn her body on and feeling empowered in her sexual self.

    “You deserve this information, this relationship with yourself and more pleasure in your life. It's the one thing we don't have enough of, genuine pleasure, not manufactured through food or drugs, but our own brain. So much love and so pleased I said YES."


  • Before: No intercourse with husband in years, and no regular intimacy in nearly a decade. Early onset menopause, pain with penetration. Tried sex therapy, couples therapy, individual therapy, EMDR.

  • After: Sex with husband weekly for months now! For the first time in at least three years happening for than one week in a row. More consistent sex than in the last decade. Can't wait for the next time. "It's fantastic."

    "I am having sex for me, not out of guilt or obligation. I feel so much more turned on that I continue to be surprised when I feel sexy just from thinking about it. The burden of not having sex, of feeling apart from my partner, of feeling lonely within a marriage when we both wanted each other but nothing was happening--has been lifted. I feel GOOD when I think about my life, and that's despite lots of other challenges still present, but my sex life is no longer one of them. This was a big, big splurge for me and totally worth it both financially and in terms of a commitment of time. I would do it all over again. It has completely changed my life."



These are just a handful of the incredible shifts and experiences of other women. If I included them all this would take up pages!


But know this - there is nothing special about these women. (I mean they are special, duh, I love them) But they aren’t special in the sense that they are outliers.


These results are possible for you too.

I want these results!!




Every woman is wired for pleasure.


Every woman can create more desire.


Yes, even YOU.



And this program will help you develop the skills needed to tap into that pleasure & desire.


"Truly transformative."


I had a few reasons for joining. I wanted to explore what a pleasurable life for me would look like. I spent my whole life thinking about, performing for everyone else. I didn't know what it was like to be in charge of my own pleasure without shame and fear still being present.  Sharing this experience with others was so supportive! Hearing others share their journey was helpful especially when someone else would share something that connected for me too. It was comforting to know you aren't the only one to have some of these experiences.

Now I'm more present for sex for sure and feeling less self-pressure to be immediately "on." I am enjoying feeling pleasure both on my own and with my husband more fully. He never pressured me for sex but I would pressure myself and asking for sexy time feels empowering. I feel empowered having stepped into a sexy turned on version of myself I'd never experienced before. I'm finding more ways to experience pleasure, not just in the bedroom. I'm dancing again.

This was truly transformative. I feel a bit of a struggle trying to quantify in words what this has done for me. I feel liberated, unashamed, and validated by the knowledge and experience of the coaching and the program. It has been a rich experience.

I want you to know that this program could be the difference between a sex life in black and white or one that is high definition and technicolor. If you want to feel empowered as a woman and have greater pleasure in your life don't hesitate. For me, the benefits of this went beyond my sex life. It helped me bring pleasure into all aspects of my days.

-Tanya, Better Sex Graduate

 Listen to her story HERE.

"I feel like a different woman, more full of life and color."


I joined because I wanted to embrace my sexuality as the beautiful part of me I know it was meant to be.  Sharing this journey with a community of women was so honoring. It was a safe space to share things I've never shared before. I could feel all the love and acceptance. I felt seen, heard and honored.  I reconnected with my body, I released shame, I fell in love with myself and my body for the first time.

I now view sex as beautiful and it's purpose is for pleasure and connection, in the past it was a duty and not enjoyable. Self pleasure was full of shame for me before, now it is a way for me to connect with myself and my body. I am so excited for sex with a partner, in the past my relationship felt like we were both voiceless puppets going through the motions. In my next relationship I am excited to talk about sex and what I want and need and encourage him to share all that he desires too.

My relationship with myself has deepened because of the self compassion I learned to have for myself. Awakening desire has brought a whole new dimension and depth to my being. I feel like a different woman, more full of life and color. My writing/creativity has been sparked.

-Better Sex Graduate

In this program you will . . .


  • Be part of an intimate community full of women learning to move past societal messages and into a fuller expression of themselves where they integrate their sexuality
  • Know how to communicate about sex confidently on your terms
  • Experience more juicy passion with yourself and your partner - and it only gets better
  • Truly love yourself, and be on our your side
  • Forever know how to prioritize pleasure in your life and feel the direct benefits of that — more energy, more resilience, more presence, less stress and more overall joy in life
  • Become a turned on woman who feels confident and vibrant in her skin
  • Know exactly how to create desire and pleasure in your body for the rest of your life
  • Desire sex and learn how to maintain that desire
  • Prevent sexual slumps and know exactly how to get yourself out of one if needed


Oh, and have the hottest sex of your life!

The investment for lifetime access is: $3,000

Enrollment for the next cohort is open 1/16-1/28.  Enroll by 1/21 for bonuses.










"Best money I've spent this year. Best gift to myself."


I came for the sex but left as a more fulfilled woman in every aspect of my life. Danielle's unique process (that works!) takes you on a journey of evolving and a deepening of the human experience. It was a journey of what it means to be a woman in today’s world. This is feminism at its finest.

The group setting was so empowering. Through hearing others women’s stories of their struggles with sex in their marriages, or in a relationship or not partnered at all, to hearing their victories it allowed me to release a lot of shame around being in a nearly sexless marriage. And to release a lot of shame around talking and thinking about sex which was sooooo liberating.

Danielle is the perfect guide for this journey. She’s done the work herself. And her compassion and deep love for women and humanity are magnetic. She modeled a self-compassion that was beautiful to witness. And taught us how to cultivate our own self compassion, which is directly related to how much sex you have it turns out! As a high achieving woman this was some of the most powerful work we did. And....

I am happy to report that through Danielle's process I was able to go from having sex once every 2 or 3 months to once a week. Boom! I learned tools for how to leave the stresses of my business behind and make pleasure a priority.

Hire Danielle. It was the best money I’ve spent this year and was the best gift to myself.

-Better Sex Graduate

"Sex doesn't feel like work anymore."


During the years my husband was in med school we both put our sexual pleasure on the back burner. When med school was over we realized things needed to change but weirdly we didn't know how to do that. I had put up barriers to sex that I didn't even know I had. I wanted to ignite more sexual desire to create a more vibrant sex life with my husband.

Now?!  Sex doesn't feel like work anymore!! I'm allowing myself to accept every part of me and that opens the door to experiencing so much more pleasure!

I'm making my personal pleasure more of a priority. I'm allowing myself to be turned on during the day without shame or trying the stop it. I'm spending more time in my body instead of my head. I'm not apologizing for my wants in bed anymore. I'm creating a healthier dialogue regarding my body image as well, which allows me to love myself and accept the love from my husband.

If you want more for yourself do yourself a favor and sign up. I've tried other programs and courses looking for the changes I found here.

-Amanda, Better Sex Graduate

"I can't wait for the next time."


After years of painful sex due to early menopause, I'd given up. My husband I hadn't had intercourse in years, and no regular intimacy in nearly a decade. I'd tried MANY things before: sex therapy, couples therapy, individual therapy, EMDR. 

I've never done anything like this before and cannot believe the power of being in a room together with so many other women. Even when the issue being discussed did not pertain to me, I learned from it and added it to my thinking, and it did help me amplify my sexual experience.

Results?? I HAD SEX WITH MY HUSBAND, three weeks in a row, for the first time in at least three years. But we haven't had sex this consistently in nearly a decade. And now I can't wait for the next time. I think about sex more, I am having sex and more sex than I have had in years, and it's fantastic.

I am having sex for me, not out of guilt or obligation. I feel so much more turned on that I continue to be surprised when I feel sexy just from thinking about it. The burden of not having sex, of feeling apart from my partner, of feeling lonely within a marriage when we both wanted each other but nothing was happening--has been lifted. I feel GOOD when I think about my life, and that's despite lots of other challenges still present, but my sex life is no longer one of them.

I will never forget you and the gift you have given me, Danielle. This was a big, big splurge for me and totally worth it both financially and in terms of a commitment of time. I would do it all over again. I will be forever grateful. You've given me my life back. Thank you!

-Better Sex Graduate

"Better sex is possible for you, too."


I was feeling so frustrated when I signed up for BS90. I was 25 and had a “blah” sex life with my partner. We probably had sex 3 times in the whole year. I didn’t want this to become a thing. I’m not married & don’t have kids, I didn’t think that this would be something that I struggled with yet! I felt ashamed to be so young and to be having this problem. My partner’s touch turned me off, I didn’t want to be with him. It made no sense because I love him a lot, but sex with him just wasn’t something I was really interested in and didn’t feel all that good. It felt like the longer I waited, the more it hurt. I kept wanting to try and have sex with him, but my body just wasn’t having it. 

I felt really hesitant before signing up. I did desperately want help and to improve my sex life, but I also was skeptical that it could actually work. I had a lot of negative sexual experiences in my past, including trauma and a feelings of shame. I had been to therapy and nothing really seemed to help me. If anything, talking about it just made it worse. I didn’t know if what was happening with my partner now had anything to do with my past. I had a hunch that it could be related, but it also didn’t make sense because I felt really safe and actually really wanted to be having sex with him. I was also confused because this hadn’t been an issue in any of my sexual relationships the last couple years and in the first few months of being with him. It was like out of no where my body just started closing up when he would touch me. He would grab my butt when I was getting ready and I would slap his hand away. He would be giving me a back rub, but if his hand wandered too low then my body closed up and felt turned off. It was like my heart and mind wanted to be having sex with him, but my body wasn’t interested or cooperating.

Danielle helped me to solve this. (And writing that fills my eyes with tears.) We were able to get my body back on board without having to talk about any memories or specific of what happened in the past. She helped me to see how yes, in fact, the sex “issues” that I had now were related to what happened before AND she helped me to work through it and actually enjoy and desire my partner’s touch. My partner’s touch feels good (& doesn’t shut me down like it used to). I'm more compassionate & gentle with myself. And I experienced a whole new level of mmmmmm in my self-pleasure.  I wish there were a more powerful way to say this, but....THANK YOU.

If you’re considering, and hesitant, thinking maybe you have too much sexual history/“baggage” to work through … you don’t. Better sex is possible for you too.

-Morgan, Better Sex Graduate

 Listen to her story HERE.

Decide right now to be a turned on woman.

We start February 1st / 2nd.  Can't wait to see you there.


This program has changed my life in two major ways:

  1. I no longer believe the story that I am broken. My brain will still offer this, but I no longer believe it’s true.
  2. I invite pleasure into my life in ways that I never have before. This means that there is MORE pleasure in my life. More enjoyment of life, in ways that I did not recognize as enjoyable before. I never took the time to slow down and “smell the roses.”

I have more sex, I enjoy sex more, and I allow myself permission to have more pleasure in my body and my life. Not just sexual pleasure, but being aware and grateful for all the pleasure. 

Deep gratitude to you, Danielle, for the amazing, empowering, life-changing work you do!

-Delane, Better Sex Graduate

Basically my entire pregnancy I was feeling too sick/yuck for sexy times

And today we GOT SEXY

And I can't think of a non-weird way to say this but . . .

It was all thanks to you.

Hoooo-ey! It’s no joke to get sexy with your man with your postpartum body changed AND general postpartum chaos

But your teachings made me believe I can be sexy, that WE can be sexy…. In the middle of all of this

And that is a big fucking deal.

Thank you.

-Better Sex Graduate

Sex was an area where I felt dependent on my partner. And it’s just not a fun dynamic to be like, "Hey, if I want to be turned on, I need you."

You get to take responsibility for your own pleasure, and it definitely changes your relationship.

-Vikki, Better Sex Graduate

 Listen to her story HERE.

I joined BS90 to reconnect to my inner turned-on woman who felt lost in the midst of martial drama. I also joined to get to a more neutral place within said marriage to determine whether to stay or go.

Thank you, for everything. Your wisdom and skillful yet playful delivery has set me on a trajectory that I feel very excited about.

What I got out of it was so much deeper, so much more about me than it even was about my relationship, my partner, or sex. No regrets!

-Ruthie, Better Sex Graduate

 Listen to her story HERE.

"10,000% Return"


There is no right time to join. Whatever space you give it will transform you. By starting right now, you're giving yourself something that will only grow. So don't wait.

If doing everything in the program is a 100% self-score, I'd give myself a 17% and even there I got a 10,000% return to my relationship and experience with myself and my partner.

-Elizabeth, Better Sex Graduate

 Listen to her story HERE.

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Pleasure deserves more than your leftovers.


YOU deserve more than the scraps.


Your sexuality can be a celebrated part of your life.




Master the art and science of sex and sensuality, and become orgasmic for LIFE.


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